Springbank 25 Year Old, 1993, The Perfect Fifth


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Vintage: 1993
Strength: 52.3%
Bottled Year: 2019
Region: Campbeltown
Cask Type: Matured In Sherry
Bottles: 522
This venerable whiskey is reminiscent of the Springbank 25 year olds of the early 1990s, and so we believe the cask is one seasoned in the old style, a rare find in today’s market. Characteristic of Campbeltown whiskeys, salt dominates on the nose, followed closely by the rich fruitiness notable in Springbank whiskey, offering up dried apricots and spiced pear. Peaty notes creep up slowly, as the coastal style makes an impact with smoky, chocolate rich notes on the palate. A rich, oily middle and a long finish, the richness complemented by lighter lemon notes and barley sugar.

Cask No. 315

Nose: Anyone who remembers the old Springbank 25-year-olds of the early 1990s will recognise this aroma as a direct descendent – indeed it is near enough identical in both weight and character. The huge, nuggety oak is faultless (this must have come from a cask which had been seasoned in the old – virtually lost – style). Salt dominates but there are dried apricots and spiced pear, too. Meanwhile the vaguest of peaty notes (and I mean the odd atom here and there!) teases away as a barely audible background noise, which automatically becomes louder the moment you spot it…

Taste: A malt on the threshold of perhaps dallying too closely with the oak. But that coastal-style bite makes just the right contact with the salty tannins and cocoa laden phenol to make a course for more complex and satisfying port. Just enough oil makes the middle rich and promises a long finale.

Finish: Drier, as is to be expected, as the tannins raise their game. Still salty, but a little barley sugar and lemon juice lightens the intensity, though – happily, by not too much; the residual oils ensure the finish is of extraordinary length.

Balance: A real return to the past here with Springbank in its most full-bodied, uncompromising and complex style which those of us who discovered the distillery in the 1980s remember with great affection.





Understanding The Perfect Fifth’s unique approach to whisky selection is best handled with an analogy drawn from musical theory. The perfect fifth is the most vital interval in tonal harmony, resulting in an incredible sound with perfect equilibrium, and underpinning the creation of the most exalted music in history.Perfect equilibrium can also be found in taste, this results when all five tastes that a person can sense become flawlessly aligned. As Scotch whisky matures, it draws flavor from the wood, developing a flavor profile unique to itself. Seldom do the five tastes develop with true harmony and complexity. When selecting casks of such high quality, it is this perfect fifth that we are seeking; that perfect equilibrium of flavor notes, which are so often sought after but so rarely found.



Born in the United States, The Perfect Fifth is a family-run independent bottling company that is dedicated to supplying malt enthusiasts with unparalleled single-malt Scotch from exceptional Scottish distilleries. The Perfect Fifth scours distilleries all over Scotland, from the Orkney Islands to the Lowlands, from Campbeltown to Speyside, in an effort to find the magnum opus of each distillery.

What they have uncovered is a selection of whiskeys that are extraordinary examples of that distillery’s unique character.


The Perfect Fifth strongly believe that the bottle and packaging must be an accurate presentation of the spirit that you are about to enjoy, meticulously crafting a masterpiece befitting of the amazing whiskey that rests within.Never before has Scotch whisky been presented in this way. The unique packaging is reminiscent of the whisky cask complete with textures and grooves intended to evoke the craftsmanship, and artistry, of the cooper. The miniature casks are a captivating reminder of the time the spirit has spent in oak, developing a unique and inimitable flavor profile.

Open the bottle to experience a multitude of aromas from the hand-selected whiskey within. Once it passes the lips, expect a full-bodied and complex flavor profile, a sensation that is unique to each release and has passed uncompromising quality standards.

The Perfect Fifth is a complex, yet artistic, form of equilibrium. When the notes in these fine whiskeys align they create an unmatched experience. Enjoy!


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